Friendly, Yet Strong Construction

These 1-1/2” dia ropes feature a strong, lightweight polypro core that’s protected by a soft, durable polyester outer layer. Its texture mimics the feel of cotton for a soft and tactile grip, making it friendlier on hands than manila or un-manila ropes. These durable ropes are also moisture- and UV-resistant for increased longevity. The top of the rope has an indoor metal fitting for easy installation and added security for students climbing it.

Options for All Ages

Polyplus ropes are available in several lengths, allowing teachers to find the ideal rope for their class climbing needs. When determining the length you need for your gym, measure from the floor to ceiling and deduct 1' for clearance. Custom lengths are available; contact us for details. Choose from 3 knots types and 2 end styles to complete your rope.

Knot Type Options:

End Style Options: