Large Assortment of Activities

This kit provides you with a large variety of 75 team-building activity options. Included is the Team Spots Set and the Cooperative Maze Game, as well as a DVD with additional activities.

One activity example is Minefield, in which students partner up and direct their teammate through an obstacle course while the other keeps his or her eyes closed. Another is Consensus Ropes, in which ropes are weaved through each other. One rope in the stack acts as a “key ring” to the others, and groups must examine the ropes and make a decision as to which rope it is by working together and communicating.

The included DVD makes it easy to outline and preview the activities. During a 30-minute interview, best-selling author Dr. Edward Hallowell shares insight about the value of connection. All resources in the pack were put together by Tom Heck, who has worked in education and leadership for more than 25 years and founded the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

Pack includes: