Fun Disc Activities

This unique game combines the technique of tossing discs with the gameplay of bowling. The objective is to be the team that knocks over the most pins with the least number of throws. Divide your class into equal teams. Set up 6 lanes and create a throwing line for each team to stay behind.

On the signal, the players in the front of the line throw their discs and try to knock their team's pins over. After throwing their discs, players retrieve them and hand them to the next players in line before returning to the end of the line. Play continues until all the pins are knocked over. When they are, teams must reset their pins and start again. The team with the most pins knocked in a predetermined amount of time over wins.

Unique Bowling Equipment

The thin pins are made of a durable polyethylene plastic for long-lasting play. Each pin is 17"H, which is 2" higher than a standard pin. They are harder to hit than standard bowling pins, but easier to knock over. The pin setup template is a lightweight, easy-to-transport template that shows teachers and students how to properly set up the pins.

Set includes 36 plastic pins, 24 Rainbow Koala Coated-Foam Discs, 1 pin setup template, 1 DuraBag Duffel, and activity instructions.