Superior Construction

Thick roto-molded vinyl and European construction allow this stability ball to support up to 220 lb, making it a formidable piece of equipment in your institution. Thicker material prevents sagging and dimples while a non-slip surface texture allows for increased control and safe handling by all students. Balls won't slip or slide on hard gym floors, ensuring smooth movement during all exercises.

Full-Body Training

From balance and stability training to physical therapy and low-impact body weight exercises, balance balls add an element of continuous instability that pushes the body to perform at a higher level. Adding a stability ball to your movements in the gym increases the challenge and benefits, allowing users to dramatically increase exercise efficiency. Or use stability balls in the classroom to minimize fidgeting work students' core muscles all day.

Great Versatility

Different colors make it simple for students to identify the correct ball size for their height or purpose. Balls are available in 4 sizes to accommodate users 5’0” to 6’7” tall. To deliver a tailored training experience to your students, simply choose the size(s) that best fits your class or program!

Includes measuring tape, plug, plug puller, and inflation instructions. For best results, inflate UltraFit Stability Balls in stages according to included inflation instructions.

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