Safe for Indoor Play

Made of high-density foam, these balls won’t have anywhere near the destructive power of fast-moving rubber tennis balls, rendering them safe for regular use indoors. Foam practice tennis balls are the same size and shape as traditional balls, yet lack the weight and rigidity, allowing for safer play. The size and shape make it possible to teach hitting and volleying normally, perfectly replicating real tennis-ball behavior. They’ll even bounce and play off the racquet like a real ball!

Non-Intimidating Design

The soft and spongy nature of these balls inspires confidence and alleviates any fears students may have about playing tennis. The high density foam is easy to squeeze, giving students superior grip and a comforting sense of control over the game. When hit with a racquet, balls spring back with lively accuracy, exciting students and encouraging them to keep learning the fundamentals of the game.

The bright yellow color of these balls is also non-intimidating. Balls can be seen and tracked wherever they are on the court, lending confidence to students as they position themselves for a return volley. The bright color is great for hand/eye coordination and can help beginners progress in their racquet handling and technique.

Foam Tennis Balls are available individually or in packs of 24 that include a black storage bag.