Seamlessly Zip Tiles Together

These 3/8" thick tiles feature an intricate interlocking pattern of 1-1/2”W tabs that nearly disappear during installation, resulting in a seamless surface. Unique tabs keep tiles secure without needing additional tapes, adhesives, or application labor. They can also be disassembled and reassembled without damaging the tiles.

Environmentally-Friendly Construction

Made of fine rubber granules, these interlocking tiles stand up to everyday use. They are manufactured with an industry-high 31% to 57% post-industrial recycled content for a certified green flooring option that reduces waste. Blended and bound with a water-based polyurethane polymer, these materials are transformed into high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, industrial-strength flooring option. Each tile is 11 lb 3 oz. Truck delivery.

Customization Options

Create custom tiles with unique color combinations. Select color granules (which are smaller, finer specks) or chunks (larger, bolder pieces) and choose from any of a variety of vibrant colors. This allows you to customize your gym’s look to match school colors. Logo options are also available for additional customization.