Create Fun Bocce Games

Our fun lawn bowling set for schools lets you choose from any of 3 game options, all based on the general rules of bocce. During Quattro Bocce, teams try to be the first to reach a predetermined point total. The game starts by tossing the 2 target balls. After all teams throw their 4 balls, the scoring starts. The team whose ball is closest to either of the 2 target balls scores a point for every ball of the same color that is closer than balls of other colors. For example: if the yellow team has 2 balls closer to 1 target ball and 3 balls closer to the other target ball, the yellow team gets a total of 5 points. The most a team can score in a single round is 8 points.

Safe and Durable Design

A soft but durable vinyl cover makes these balls suitable for indoor and outdoor play, unlike traditional hard bocce balls which are best for outdoor play only. The softer surface also makes them less intimidating for young players just starting the game.

Set Options