Use for Several Sports

Eight pre-programmed sports settings make it easy to set up this portable digital scoreboard quickly and get an event started. The first 5 settings are all sport specific for instant access to tracking, scoring, and timing for each sport:

  1. Timer and scoring functions for basketball, wrestling, karate, and team handball.
  2. Timer and shot clock functions for basketball.
  3. Score and sets for volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and tennis.
  4. Display match numbers and use a pin timer for judo matches.
  5. Round and break countdown timers for spectators watching a boxing match.

The final 3 modes of this scoreboard allow for custom settings based on the activity or special rules for a custom variation on a classic sport:

  1. Programmable timer to put as much or as little time on the clock as needed.
  2. Stopwatch function counts up for real-time measurement.
  3. Clock with alarm function for passive use.

Easy to Use and See

A back control panel makes it easy to set up and program the scoreboard for use during games. Modify time, bonus, possession, period, fouls, and more with easy controls. Control it during the action using the panel or the included key-fob remote. Use the built-in handle for easy transportation. The numbers on the scoreboard are easy to see from up to 150' away. Use a floor stand (sold separately) to raise the scoreboard for easy visibility anywhere. Floor stand is 24”L x 22”W x 43”H; 13 lb.