Safe and Non-Intimidating

It’s easy to incorporate these toning bars into routines your students already know, giving them a seamless segue into weight training.The bar offers just enough resistance to increase the effects of these movements, yet won’t hamper a student’s ability to complete them properly. They can even be used in cardio routines to add a strength-building component!

Quality Design

Bars are easy to grip, lightweight, and coated in premium textured foam to eliminate any fear of participation. Coating is friendly on hands and shoulders, and immune to picking and tearing during use or transportation. Solid steel center rod will not bend or break under institutional use. Color-coding allows students to quickly determine which aerobic weight bar is right for them. Molded-in weight markers won't wear off with time. Squared-off ends prevent rolling when bars are set down.

Convenient Storage

Bar packs include a rack for sleek, upright bar storage. This is ideal for organizing bars by resistance load and allows students to take and return bars to and from their appropriate place. Racks are mobile for easy maneuvering to and from the storage closet. Assembly required.

UltraFit Fitness Bars are available in 24- or 36-Bar Packs with storage and 3 UltraFit Fitness Bar Training Charts. Truck delivery on packs.

Pack Options