Magnetic rowing machines are quieter and more consistent than rowers with other resistance mechanisms, delivering smooth, measured resistance regardless of user effort. While air rowing machines use a flywheel to generate resistance as the user pulls, this rower allows athletes to choose a static resistance by adjusting the distance between the flywheel and its magnets. Resistance adjusts to 16 levels to accommodate most users from first-time users to cardio heroes.

Built with comfort in mind, this rower features a contoured seat and large, swiveling pedals with 82-degree rotation. Pedals are constructed with soft-touch material for foot and ankle relief throughout every stroke. The 20"H seat is higher than others for easy mounting and dismounting and an extra-long 38½" seat travel accommodates any body type. A Multi-color LCD display includes 17 preset exercise programs and shows vital workout data to keep dedicated athletes focused on their fitness goals. 105"L x 21" W x 44"H; 119 lb.