Fixed-weight design allows students to grab the right workout weight vest and go, made easy by permanently embroidered weight markers that last for years. Color-coding allows for instant recognition of 10 lb and 20 lb vests for less time setting up. Adjustable straps offer a snug fit for a variety of users. Durable, rip-stop vinyl material will last for years. Vests won't absorb sweat, so it's easy to wipe them down and stop the spread of germs between groups of students. Vest ends at the rib cage to allow maximum mobility.

Choose from 2 sizes to accommodate all students:

Set includes 10 vests (3 ea Med 10 lb, Lg 20 lb; 2 ea Med 20 lb, Lg 10 lb) and rack (44"L x 20"W x 57"H; 57 lb).