Players need to be fast and strategic while throwing discs and balls during these fast-paced games! Each team starts with 3 discs and throws one to the spot of its choice. After the disc lands, teammates roll or toss a golf ball in their team color into the center of the disc. The team then throws its second disc and repeats this process until they cross the finish line! Throwing the disc farther may help teams advance faster or make it harder to land the golf balls in the disc. A shorter throw may make throwing the golf balls into the disc easier, while taking more time to get to the finish line.

ScrambleScore discs are made of 9" dia vinyl with a 5" dia center hole to contain the balls. Golf balls are made of vinyl, making them ideal for use indoors or out. Set includes 18 ScrambleScore discs, 36 golf balls, a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions with exciting game options!