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Reach your activity goals by getting the most out of your Gopher equipment.

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PE Equipment, Games and Activities

ACTION!™ Quick-Tac-Toe™ Set

Add nonstop activity to a classic paper and pencil game! Students will love this quick paced tic-tact-toe game.

PE Equipment, Sports

SolidStrike™ Bowling Ball

SolidStrike Bowling Ball sets will help each student roll a strike with a solid molded-plastic ball that feels like the real thing!

PE Equipment, Sports

ClickPro™ MagnePull™ Flag Belt System

Flag football belt system features sewn-in magnets in the flags and belts for fumble-free flag attachment!

PE Equipment, Sports

SofStriker™ Indoor Soccer Ball

An extra layer of foam on this soft indoor soccer ball cushions every strike! Check out the SofStriker for your next soccer ball. Great for students of all ages!

PE Equipment, Sports

UltimateScooter™ Basketball Plus Set

Students love scooter and basketball, so we created the UltimateScooter Basketball Plus set. Scoot and shoot at our best and most durable scooter basketball set yet!

PE Equipment, Sports

PointPro™ Tabletop Scoreboard

The PointPro Tabletop scoreboard is perfect for any occasion! Learn more about the durable case that doubles as a stand for this portable scoreboard!


IntroFit™ LowDozer™ Trainer

It can be difficult to introduce students to fitness is a safe, fun, and effective way. Try IntroDit LowDozer Trainer to help students develop power and strength!

Games and Activities

GamePlay Team TeeterToss™ Set

Looking for more games and activities to take your PE class to the next level? Try GamePlay Team TeeterToss! Multiple teetering poles increase the movement, strategy, and pace of this classroom ring toss game for the entire class!

PE Equipment

Rainbow® Rubber Cones

Not every cone and marker is made the same. Check out this video to see why Gopher's Rainbow Rubber cones, made with soft and pliable thermoplastic, are both durable and reliable!

Games and Activities

KingMe!™ Checkers

Students will love KingMe! Checkers. The king of board games, the checkers set will bring king-sized fun to your classroom.


ClassPlus™ QuadraGoal™ Packs

When space is short, Gopher is here to make your life easier. Check out the ClassPlus QuadraGoal to promote teamwork and strategey with 360° of goals and 4 ways to score during floor hockey!


Rainbow® IntroFit™ OverLoad™ Trainer

Rainbow INtroFit OverLoad trainer is perfect for all students. Smaller, foam-covered equipment with help kids learn to weight lift safely with Strongman routines!

Fitness, Games and Activities

ACTION!™ ThreeQuence™ Set

We've all played with X's and O's, but nothing can be ThreeQuence! An oversized ACTION! game from Gopher that will cause BIG excitement when getting 3 in a row.

PE Equipment

Rainbow® Segmented Squish Steppers™

Gopher's Rainbow Segmented Squish Steppers with textured handles are a step above the rest! Check out more.

PE Equipment, Sports

DuoGrip™ Footballs

DuoGrip Footballs from Gopher Sport have two textured materials that combine to enhance grip, making this football easier to throw and catch for students of all ages!