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Bear Armguards


Arm guards prevent string burn and add comfort to every shot.

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Protecting forearms from string burn and keeping clothing from interfering with the shot, armguards are essential pieces of safety equipment for archery units. Less interference and pain-free shooting leads to better development of budding archers.

Superior Protection

Armguards prevent string burn from resonating bow strings after an arrow is loosed and keep clothing tucked away during the follow-through. Not having to worry about interference or the recoil from string burn gives students confidence and helps improve accuracy and technique for better development overall.

Great Durability

Made with durable synthetic leather, featuring a secure Velcro® strap, this arm guard will stay perfectly in place no matter how many shots your students take. Any resonating strings will harmlessly glance off the guard, which will stand strong in the face of abuse. One size fits all. For right- or left-handed students.

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