Archery Quiver

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Convenient storage for arrows, plus a bow holder.

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Stake this quiver for arrows into the ground to neatly contain arrows nearby. Focus is kept downrange as students take shot after shot, quickly grabbing arrows from the quiver as they line up their next one. The steel construction makes it easy to stake and remove this quiver, with emphasis placed on longevity of use.

Quick Setup and Cleanup

It takes virtually no effort to set up this quiver: simply stake it into the ground via the ¾” steel rod spike and you’re ready to start shooting! Weighing just 1 lb and measuring 24½”H, this ground quiver will easily penetrate the earth to stick securely and safely where you place it. Removal is just as easy—gently tug up to pull the quiver from the ground and carry it back to storage!

Supreme Accessibility

A capacity of 12 arrows means the ability to take 12 shots before having to walk down range to retrieve them, allowing students to focus more on shot placement and arrow clusters as they seek to improve their aim. This also allows students to keep focus on the target as they blindly grab for arrows, keeping focus on the next shot, instead of searching for an arrow to nock.

When students run out of arrows and make the trek downrange, they can rest their bows on the quiver. It gently cradles the riser to maintain the integrity of the bow. This eliminates students tossing bows on the ground, where they’re liable to be stepped on or damaged! The quiver accommodates both recurve and compound bows.