Bear® Firebird™ Bow


Excellent recurve bows for beginners, physical education, or camp usage.

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The ideal bows for schools, students will get a comfortable introduction to the look, feel, and handling of a basic recurve bow, without any bells and whistles to distract them. Sturdy construction holds up to intense institutional wear and tear. Easy to string, easy to use, and easy to master: this is the perfect introductory recurve.


  • AMO 60 Length
  • Draw Weight 30-35 lb
  • Draw Length 22-28”L
  • Fiberglass frame construction
  • Ergonomic shape

Incredible Durability

Fiberglass limbs represent a standard for resilience and durability, ensuring these recurve bows for beginners stand up to the intense wear and tear that can come with frequent and heavy use. Fiberglass stands rigid and strong when handled, and can bear the brunt of zealous use by beginners who might not yet understand proper archery technique.

Fiberglass is also a premier choice for outdoor archery ranges and unfavorable weather conditions. The Bear® Firebird™ Bow won’t break down or warp in rainy or intensely sunny conditions like some lesser wooden recurve bows might, retaining its shape and function for longer in the face of the elements.

Great for Beginners

Everything about these bows for schools is geared towards helping beginners become comfortable with recurves. Ergonomic, molded rubber finger grips allow for both left- and right-handed shooting, giving students better traction as they nock and aim down the notched sight lines. The bowstring itself is also incredibly easy to string, presenting a prime opportunity for teachers to instruct students on basic bow assembly.

Recommended for students 12 years old and above, moderate draw weight and length are perfect for providing both accuracy and power to novice archers.

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