Bear® Flash Bow


This ambidextrous bow is the lightest and safest we offer.

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Exuding safety above all else, the many features and accessories of the Bear® Flash Bow make it one of the most perfect bows for schools, especially for introducing elementary and middle school students to archery. A fiberglass construction makes for lightweight durability, while low draw weight and length make nocking, aiming, and loosing simple. Includes 2 arrows, armguard, arrow quiver, sight pin, and finger rollers, providing all of the extras needed to properly teach archery!


  • AMO 47 Length
  • Draw Weight 5-18 lb
  • Draw Length 16-24”L
  • Fiberglass frame construction
  • Features Whisker Biscuit® arrow rest and guide

Perfect for Beginners

At just 4 lb and with a super-low draw weight, this is the lightest weighted bow we offer. It’s a perfect introductory bow to teach recurve shooting to students with zero previous archery experience. And, with few moving parts, there’s an extremely low intimidation factor, alongside an extremely high longevity for the bow itself.

Made with fiberglass and designed for ambidextrous use, this single option can replace both right and left handed bows to provide a uniform learning platform for schools, institutions, and recreational programs focused on teaching superior fundamentals. Fiberglass is also tremendously resilient and won’t compromise in the face of heavy use from beginners.

Numerous Fundamental Features

Complete with a Whisker Biscuit® alignment and arrow rest, students will enjoy the simplicity of perfect aim every time, allowing them to focus on their stance and form above all else. Whisker Biscuit® completely encircles nocked arrows with synthetic bristles, holding it gently in place during pre-shot alignment and allowing vanes to smoothly pass through as the arrow is released.

In addition to the Bear® Flash Bow itself, this set comes with all of the peripheral items you’ll need to give students a comfortable and successful introduction to archery. Armguards and finger rollers eliminate string burn; the quiver provides quick arrow access while in stance; and a sight pin promotes accuracy.

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