Bear® Titan™ Bow

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Reliable, smooth-shooting, lighter-weight recurve bow.

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The perfect fiberglass recurve bow for every level of archery proficiency! This simple recurve is great for beginners just learning the basics, intermediate archers shoring up their skills, and masters who enjoy the reliability and consistency of a no-frills bow. Durable and easy to use, its ambidextrous design can be quickly picked up by any student, making it the perfect solution for schools and other institutions looking for a one-size-fits-all bow.


  • AMO 60 Length
  • Draw Weight 25-29 lb
  • Draw Length 22-28”L
  • Fiberglass frame construction
  • Ergonomic shape

Ideal for Any Level

Because of its moderate draw weight and length, the Bear® Titan™ Bow serves as a staple across all levels of archery proficiency. Though most commonly used with middle school students, its consistency and emphasis on the fundamentals also make it great for both intermediate and advanced high school students.

Recurve bows for beginners don’t offer the same power as composite bows or more advanced recurve models, and instead, focus is placed on technique and accuracy. Low draw weight prevents arm fatigue when lining up shots over a longer period of time, while sturdy construction of the limbs provides a reliable rigidity that makes aiming easier.

Accommodating both left- and right-handed users, this fiberglass recurve bow is a perfect staple for schools, institutions, and recreational programs with users of all ages, skill levels, and sizes.

Reliable, Utilitarian Design

This bow is all about simplicity, featuring a no-frills, utilitarian design. Stringing the bow is the only assembly required, and this task can be accomplished in seconds. Once strung, picking up and using the bow is comfortable and familiar thanks to its ergonomic, ambidextrous hand grip.

Every shot from this bow has the potential to be a great one. The fiberglass frame is rigid and reliable, lending a superior level of consistency that allows students to adjust their form, aim, and technique in accordance with their shot placement. With no distracting bells or whistles, students quickly gain a fundamental understanding of how their form impacts every shot.

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