Bull's-Eye Target Faces

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Two popular target face replacement sizes in 3 materials allow you to restore the appeal of your target, without having to purchase an entirely new unit. With up to 30x the durability of traditional paper faces, these polyvinyl and polypropylene faces represent an economical solution for school and recreational archery programs.

Superior Durability

Despite their sole purpose of absorbing arrows at high velocity, these target faces command superior durability that ensures they stay looking sharp and functioning perfectly over the long term. Two size options—36” and 28” dia—and three materials make outfitting your targets easy.

Premium target faces feature an incredibly tough polyvinyl material that will hold up strongly against multiple shots, lasting up to 30x longer than paper target faces for schools. This target face is weatherproof and won’t fade, not even if it’s left outdoors in the sun and other weather elements. This is our highest-grade target replacement.

Deluxe target faces are made with nylon-reinforced polypropylene, giving them superior tear-resistance and the ability to stand up to multiple shots. Weatherproof construction means better color retention in the face of heavy rain and sunlight.

Standard target faces utilize a uni-weave polypropylene that’s capable of taking shot after shot while still retaining a great appearance. Tear-resistant and resilient against light moisture, this is our most economical target face replacement.

Economical Affordability

Because archery target faces can be replaced, schools and other institutions will save tremendous costs in not having to buy brand new targets each year. Target faces can be replaced as needed, restoring full functionality to a target in just moments—the faces easily slip on and off, with strings to tighten and hold them in place.

The superior resilience of polyvinyl and polypropylene faces makes for a great return on investment for institutions focusing on archery. Where paper faces can be purchased in bulk, their inefficiency and waste quickly take a toll on budgets. These target face replacements offer a happy medium of price and longevity.

Bull's-Eye Target Face Options

Bull's-Eye Target Faces are available in 2 target sizes and in four grades/materials. Target Face Pins also sold separately.

  • Fits 36” dia Targets?
    • Premium Round Face (polyvinyl)
    • Deluxe Round Face (polypropylene w/ nylon)
    • Standard Round Face (polypropylene)
    • Square Paper Tack-On Face
  • Fits 48” dia Targets?
    • Premium Round Face (polyvinyl)
    • Deluxe Round Face (polypropylene w/ nylon)
    • Standard Round Face (polypropylene)
  • Accessories?
    • Target Face Pins
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