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Rainbow® ClassPlus™ ArcherKing™ Archery Packs


The king of all archery carts, filled with equipment for an entire class!

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The best archery pack we offer! This pack comes with enough equipment to accommodate 12 or 24 students, giving everyone the opportunity to practice the sport! The custom-designed ArcherKing™ Archery cart makes storage, transport, and accessibility easy. Rainbow® colors add organization and coordination to your class.

An All-in-One Archery Solution

Outfit your entire class with bows to get everyone involved at the same time! Choose 12 or 24 compound bow packs and put fun and excitement into the hands of students, allowing you to teach everyone at once. Packs also include fiberglass arrows (30”L), providing each student with 12 shots downrange (based on color), allowing them to cluster arrows and make adjustments to their shots in real time, enhancing their learning experience.

Custom Storage

Everything included in these Packs fits neatly on the custom-made ArcherKing™ Cart, which allows for easy transportation and storage. The cart features a convenient push handle for maximum control across uneven outdoor terrain, plus 2 swivel casters and 2 all-terrain wheels to guide it.

Special cart features offer the utmost organization and protection of equipment. Store up to 144 arrows in the four 6” dia PVC tubes at the front of the cart. The tubes prevent the arrows from getting damaged and keep them easily accessible. A center divider cradles up to 24 bows, preventing tangles and keeping strings and grips intact.

Vibrant Color Options

Rainbow® colors are ideal for teaching archery to younger students and for organizing classes. Where archery might otherwise be intimidating to beginners, vibrant Rainbow® colors offer appeal and comfort. Students can pick a bow in their favorite color, and get excited about learning the basics of the sport.

Use the Rainbow® colors to quickly organize classes and set up activities. Assign specific colors to students to help them better track their shots down range and retrieve their arrows when they’re done shooting. Or, assign point values to different arrow colors for even more fun and incentive.

Rainbow® ClassPlus™ ArcherKing™ Archery Pack Options

Rainbow® ClassPlus™ ArcherKing™ Archery Packs are available in 2 sizes. ArcherKing™ Cart also sold separately.

  • ArcherKing™ Cart Only. 36-1/2”L x 33-1/2”W x 40”H, 65 lb.


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