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ClassPlus™ Rainbow® Archery Pack

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Matching Rainbow® compound bows and arrows, all in a mobile cart that hits the bull's-eye for transport and storage!

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A complete archery pack for schools and camps! Give your students the benefit of learning the fundamentals of archery with this comprehensive set. Rainbow® color options make picking up the sport inviting and comfortable, plus, everything fits neatly on the mobile storage cart for quick access and easy setup.

Everything You Need

Accommodate up to 6 shooters at once to teach the fundamentals of stance, nocking, aiming, and loosing arrows. This Pack has absolutely everything you need to provide a fun, safe, simple learning experience for beginning archers of all ages. 6 compound bows are designed for ease of use and simplicity. 72 Rainbow® arrows make it easy for each shooter to line up 12 shots, and three 36” dia Ethafoam targets provide a large target for beginners to aim for. Includes 6 armguards to ensure safety during every shot!

Not only does this Pack provide everything needed for a highly instructive, highly enjoyable archery unit, everything also fits on the included Range Master™ archery cart. The cart can easily be transported from storage sheds to outdoor ranges. Its two 4” dia swivel casters and two 12” all-terrain wheels make traversing any surface simple. When placed in storage, the cart contains everything neatly, compartmentalizing your entire gamut of archery supplies to conserve space and promote organization.

Archery: Steps to Success book proves a great addition to any class. Along with basic technique instruction and tips, the book also outlines the nuances of compound bow mastery, including compensating for weather, judging distance and terrain, preparing for competition, and mental exercises for clarity and focus.

Vibrant Colors

Rainbow® colors are an ideal way to promote organization and efficiency within your archery unit. Assign specific colors to students and help them focus better on building their skills. A student shooting red arrows from the red bow, for example, will be able to easily identify their arrow clusters down range and make adjustments on their next shot. When retrieving, students will know which arrows are theirs.

Color coordination also promotes friendly competition and team games. Have blue and green face off against yellow and orange to see who can rack up the most target points. Or, assign each student a color and see who can place a target shot from the farthest distance!

Range Master™ Archery Cart (57”L x 23”W x 38”H; 45 lb) and Archery: Steps to Success book also sold separately.

ClassPlus™ Rainbow® Archery Pack

ClassPlus™ Rainbow® Archery Pack includes the follow equipment. Cart and book also sold separately.

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