Competition Cedar Arrows with Feather Fletching

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Lacquered shaft delivers consistent flight and is preferred by experienced archers.

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Some of our most durable arrows for schools, you can expect strong and consistent performance with every nock and release. Heavy cedar construction provides great penetration and durability, complemented by parabolic feather fletching for swift and silent flight. Two sizes make it easy to properly pair students with the ideal shaft length.

Durable, Weighted Construction

Cedar provides an exceptionally durable construction that offers a weighted hand and nock feel, lending stability to archers throughout the shooting process. These strong wooden arrows will easily resist warping, as well as moisture and outdoor elements, thanks much in part to a durable lacquer coating. The lacquer seals the cedar and strengthens it, allowing shafts to remain thin yet superiorly strong.

The strength of these arrows allow them to penetrate targets with more relative ease than lighter wooden constructions. More energy is transferred from the bowstring to the arrow in comparison to lighter shafts, meaning more penetrating power and fewer chances for the arrow to glance off of the target due to insufficient force.

Arrow shafts are 11/32” dia and have a recommended bow draw weight up to 50 lb.

Perfect for Any Age

Not only does the strong cedar construction lend itself to straight and true flight, the addition of 4” parabolic feather fletching improves the performance of these arrows. Feather fletching is lighter than plastic vanes, which helps to balance arrows, while the parabolic cut offers aerodynamic appeal and near-silent flight.

Two available sizes—28”L and 30”L—make choosing the right size arrow for your students easy. Arrows should be 1” longer than the distance from the archer’s chest to his or her fingertips (arms extended and palms together). These sizes make it easy to accommodate younger students who are just learning, as well as older students who are seeking to master the basics of nocking, aiming, and releasing.

Competition Cedar Arrow with Feather Fletching Options

Competition Cedar Arrows with Feather Fletching are available in 2 lengths. Nocks and Tips also sold separately.

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