Deluxe Bowstrings

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Filament core keeps string firm and taut, wears longer than other strings.

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Quickly swap out worn bowstrings with a reliable and resilient replacement. With 7 AMO lengths available, outfitting any size bow is made easy, allowing you to tailor the shooting experience for your students.

Exceptional Durability

Designed with a thick monofilament center, surrounded by a 10-strand B-50 fiber, the durability of these replacement bow strings is supreme. The multiple fibers are hand-woven for consistency and reliability, ensuring every nocked arrow is getting superior tension and a clean release.

A Size for Every Bow

A selection of 7 AMO lengths allows you to find the perfect replacement for your bows, without having to settle for a generic fit, or worse, an improper one. Each string features custom Dacron® with center serve and double loops for easy installation, allowing you to swap out old strings in moments. Strings have a 55 lb maximum draw weight.

Deluxe Bowstring Options

Deluxe Bowstrings are available in 7 AMO Lengths.

  • AMO Length 48
  • AMO Length 50
  • AMO Length 51
  • AMO Length 54
  • AMO Length 56
  • AMO Length 60
  • AMO Length 62
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