Deluxe Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes

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Feel the lighter weight, yet see the increased speed and accuracy!

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Stronger than wooden options, fiberglass arrows for schools are the perfect marriage of performance and longevity, serving advanced archers with superior accuracy and flight speed. Smaller shaft diameter encourages skill building and drives precision. Two length options provide an opportunity for a more tailored shooting experience. 

Durable, Streamlined Construction

Fiberglass arrow sets for schools offer a more sustainably durable construction than comparable wooden shafts. Wrapped fiberglass stands up heartily to heavy wear and tear in outdoor environments, with moisture and constant impact having little to no bearing on the integrity of the shaft. A thinner ¼” dia shaft also allows arrows to travel swift and true in any conditions.

Plastic vanes are another durable facet that makes these arrows a superior option. Plastic won’t compromise over time like feathers can and it provides additional durability when handling and nocking arrows, as well as when removing them from the target.

The price of these arrows, combined with their exceptional longevity and resilience, makes them an economical and highly effective option for institutional use—particularly for high school programs.

For Advanced Archers

The lightweight nature of fiberglass allows it to maintain a higher velocity for a longer period of time, meaning these arrows will travel quickly from release to impact. Their incredibly fast release makes them perfect for advanced archers who understand the fluidity of a clean release and accurately placed shots. Coupled with the thin diameter of the shaft, the emphasis falls to accuracy with every shot, encouraging even proficient archers to further hone their skills.

With two shaft lengths—28”L or 30”L—students will be able to pick the length appropriate for them, leading to a more comfortable shooting form and more complete technique. The draw weight of these arrows is up to 40 lb, allowing for incredible velocity and the power that comes with it. Ideal for use with composite bows.

Deluxe Fiberglass Arrow with Plastic Vanes Options

Deluxe Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes are available in 2 lengths.

  • 28”L
  • 30”L
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