Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes


Tough fiberglass arrows are perfect for schools and camps.

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Versatility and balance are the cornerstones of these arrows with plastic vanes, along with durability and longevity that make them ideal for institutions and other programs with a need for reliable bulk arrows. Lightweight fiberglass construction, plastic vanes, and 3 lengths are ideal for teaching the fundamentals of technique, from beginning to mastery.

Perfectly Balanced Design

Sporting perfect aerodynamic balance through a lightweight fiberglass construction and plastic vanes, arrows will fly true every time, putting emphasis on learning and perfecting technique. Students can use these arrows with both recurve and composite bows to familiarize themselves with both shooting styles—arrows have a 40 lb draw weight that makes them tremendously versatile.

Fiberglass offers a straightness and lightweight construction that wood arrows simply cannot match, allowing for better consistency with each shot. Plastic vanes also help streamline flight for a truer and more predictable path. As students learn the basics of nocking, aiming, and releasing, they’ll be able to rely on the arrow to perform each and every time, thus giving them insight into inconsistencies or areas of improvement within their shooting technique.

Three shaft lengths—26”L, 28”L, and 30”L—make it easy to outfit a range of students with the arrow size that’s right for them. This simple accommodation can have a tremendous impact on skill development, adding comfort and balance to the learning process.

A ¼” dia shaft is great for advanced users, but can also be used to teach beginners the fundamental importance of aiming and accuracy.

Economically Durable

Unlike other bulk arrows that don’t place focus on longevity, these arrows are designed to stand up to heavy institutional use, be it in school PE classes, camps, recreational archery groups, or other recreational programs.

The fiberglass shaft and plastic vane materials won’t break down or be compromised in outdoor shooting environments, even when weather conditions are less than amiable. By comparison, feather fletching or wooden shafts may have difficulty flying true in wet or windy conditions. Arrows will also stand strong against consistent handling, from nocking and shooting, to pulling arrows from the target.

Fiberglass Arrow with Plastic Vanes Options

Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes are available in 3 lengths. Nocks and Tips also sold separately.

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    • 28”L
    • 30”L
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