Introductory Hardwood Arrows with Plastic Vanes

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Value-grade hardwood-shaft arrows.

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Perfect for beginners who are just learning the fundamental basics of archery, the size, draw weight, diameter, and utilitarian design of these arrows places emphasis on learning and becoming comfortable with technique. True flight and forceful impact makes hitting the target easier, to build confidence in developing archers.

Utilitarian Design

Stripped down to the very basics to promote a focus on learning foundational techniques and form, the simplicity of these arrows makes them a non-intimidating choice for beginner archers and new archery students.

A moderate 35 lb draw weight and generous .31” dia shaft allow more room of error in the hands of developing students, while 26”L and 28”L options give students the optimal length to familiarize themselves with nocking and shooting.

Wooden arrows for kids offer a familiar material and a weightier feel in the hand, giving students confidence as they nock and aim. When the arrow is loosed, plastic vanes ensure true flight. Together, these materials provide a slower flight path that’s easier for students to track, as well as a more forceful impact upon the target, leading to more effective penetration.

Durable Construction

Wood shafts are ideal for institutional use thanks to their longevity and resilience. They’re resistant to warping and bending, as well as degradation when it comes to removing arrows embedded in targets. In addition, plastic vanes offer flexibility without breaking, making them a preferable option to feather fletching in beginner scenarios.

Introductory Hardwood Arrow with Plastic Vanes Options

Introductory Hardwood Arrows with Plastic Vanes are available in 2 lengths. Nocks and Tips also available.

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