Rainbow® Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes

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Our best Rainbow® arrows have fiberglass shafts for extra durability.

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Engineered for incredible durability and superior performance, it’s easy for students to enjoy archery at any skill level with these arrows. They feature a higher draw weight, moderate shaft thickness, and two length options for a tailored learning experience.

Unmatched Durability and Performance

A fiberglass shaft offers better consistency over lower-grade wooden shaft materials, while also lending better rigidity and longevity. For shots that go astray of the target, students and teachers will have peace of mind that a strong fiberglass construction can take the impact of pavement, trees, and even rocks! And, with a more streamlined construction, students will be able to count on truer flight from their fiberglass arrow upon release.

Outfitted with 3” plastic vanes, these multi-color arrows are designed to offer superior flight in all conditions. While feather fletching might falter in light wind or rain, plastic hold strong to better control the flight path of the arrow en route to the target, no matter the distance. Plastic does not need to be treated over the life of the arrow and will staunchly bear the brunt of constant institutional use and abuse.

Two available lengths—28”L and 30”L—make it easy to outfit different students with the ideal arrow. A 40 lb draw weight also means you can use these bulk arrows for schools with either recurve or composite bows for a tailored shooting experience. The .25” dia shaft size is a great standard for teaching archery, as well as for building accuracy and technique in experienced archers.

Vibrant Colors

Rainbow® colors stand out vividly wherever they come to land, which means it’s easy for archers to see their exact shot placement, even from a distance. Assign students different colors against the same target for friendly competitions, or assign point values to colors and help students better their technique with fun target games.

Rainbow® Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes are also a great option for beginners thanks to their more inviting appearance. Bright colors are welcoming in a situation that may be intimidating for brand new archers.

Rainbow® Fiberglass Arrow with Plastic Vanes Options

Rainbow® Fiberglass Arrows with Plastic Vanes are available in Rainbow® Sets of 72 and 144, in 2 lengths.

  • Rainbow® Sets of 72
    • 28”L
    • 30”L
  • Rainbow® Sets of 144
    • 28”L
    • 30”L
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