Rainbow® Genesis™ Compound Bows

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Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).

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Perfect for beginners thanks to its lightweight construction, ease-of-use, adjustability, and compound nature, these NASP compound bows for schools make learning and excelling at archery fun. Superior, reliable performance makes them a staple in any serious archery program. Vibrant colors are great for organization across students and groups.


  • NASP Approved
  • Adjustable Draw Weights from 10-20 lb
  • Adjustable Draw Lengths from 15-30”L
  • Use with up to 40 lb draw weight arrows
  • Aluminum and composite fiberglass construction

Ideal for Beginners

The easy-to-pull design of compound bows makes them ideal for properly introducing beginners to the fundamentals of archery. Use these bows right out of the box with no assembly or stringing required. Quickly and easily adjust the draw weight with a simple Allen wrench (included). When an arrow is nocked and the bowstring pulled back, students can achieve the same force and release energy as with a powerful recurve bow, but with a fraction of the strain on their arm.

Made with aluminum and composite fiberglass, resilience is a cornerstone in the construction of this NASP approved bow. The aluminum frame weighs under 2 lb for easy transport and comfortable use, while the added composite fiberglass lends rigidity and strength, as well as longevity in the face of consistent use by beginners.

With both left- and right-handed options available, it’s easy to outfit students with the correct bow, with further adjustments to draw weight setting the tone for a tailored learning experience.

Vibrant Colors

Available in 6 Rainbow® colors (as well as Black), the vibrant coloring of these Genesis™ Compound Bows presents an inviting prospect for new archery students. Bright colors are non-intimidating and lessen apprehension when it comes to picking up a seemingly complex bow. Students can pick their favorite color and quickly immerse themselves in comfortably learning core skills.

Assign bow colors by skill level or activity for easy organization. Or, assign teams according to bow colors for friendly skills tests and challenges.

Rainbow® Genesis™ Compound Bow Options

Rainbow® Genesis™ Compound Bows are available Individually and in a Rainbow® Set of 6 (Right-handed only).

  • Rainbow® Set (Right-handed Only)
  • Individual Right-Handed Bows
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Black
  • Individual Left-Handed Bows
    • Blue
    • Black
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