Rainbow® Wood Arrows with Feather Fletching

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Color-coded hardwood arrows with real feather fletching for true flight and organization.

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Ideal for institutional use among beginners, these color-coded arrows are perfect for skill building, technique development, and target games for kids. Durable wood construction and feather fletching provide a true flight path from release to impact, for a more consistent introduction to archery. Recommended for use with recurve bows.

Balanced, Consistent Design

A hardwood shaft and feather fletching represent a traditional arrow design, which places emphasis on durability and accuracy. Wooden arrows are extremely durable when shot properly, which means tremendous reliability in institutional settings, even in the hands of new archers. Feather fletching is much more lightweight than plastic vanes, which allows for better acceleration upon release, leading to better accuracy overall.

As students learn to properly nock and aim, the balanced nature of these arrows will lend itself to overall better form and more comfort in the shot setup process. Over time, as students become familiar with the consistent behavior of these arrows, they’ll learn to adjust and improve accordingly.

The lightweight nature of the wood demands a lower draw weight than other materials—up to 35 lb—making these arrows ideal for use with recurve bows. This, and the 28”L and 30”L options, make for a more beginner-friendly option for younger students.

Color Coordination

Rainbow® colors are ideal for beginners because they offer a non-intimidating way to get into archery. Students can pick their favorite color arrow with enough of each color included in sets of 72 or 144 for multiple shots before retrieval. The vibrant colors are easily seen from a distance to help students make adjustments between shots as they survey their placements and clusters.

Colors also provide a way for teachers to make learning and practicing archery fun. Use in accuracy and shooting distance games and assign point values by color. Teachers can also assign colors to teams or individuals for friendly competition.

Rainbow® Wood Arrow with Feather Fletching Options

Rainbow® Wood Arrows with Feather Fletching are available in Rainbow® Sets of 72 and 144, in two lengths.

  • Rainbow® Sets of 72
    • 28”L
    • 30”L
  • Rainbow® Sets of 144
    • 28”L
    • 30”L
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