Self-Healing Ethafoam Target

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Three times the life span of straw targets!

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Perfect for institutional settings where volley and after volley of arrows can quickly destroy straw targets, this self-healing foam archery target is designed to take a beating. Recommended for draw weights up to 50 lb, this youth archery target is designed for beginner archers. 

Superior Longevity

Antiquated straw targets are no match for the value this self-healing archery target provides! Where straw is prone to breaking down, settling within the target, or succumbing to moisture, the heat-bonded 7” Ethafoam (polyethylene) construction of these targets stands strong. Foam absorbs the impact of arrows and mitigates the damage done to the target, resulting in better longevity and reliability down range.

Less internal damage to targets means saving the cost of having to constantly replace damaged units. Slip on target faces (sold separately) to keep the target looking fresh and clean, ready for the next volley of shots from budding archers.

Lightweight Design

These are our lightest targets, weighing in at just 22 and 35 lb for the 36” and 48” dia models, respectively. Because they’re just 7” thick, they can easily be picked up and moved from equipment sheds to the archery range and back again, with minimal effort involved. You won’t find a target that’s easier to transport!

Great for Beginners

Supporting shots from bows with up to 50 lb draw weights, these youth archery targets are able to take impact from arrows travelling at all speeds. New archers who may lack power or accuracy will be favored by the easily-penetrated nature of the foam. For budding learners, the dense foam core of these targets is able to quickly stop more powerful shots.

Foam also lends itself to the retrieval process. Instead of fighting to un-wedge arrows from thicker targets, students will be able to quickly pluck their arrows, without damaging any equipment.

Self-Healing Ethafoam Target Options

Self-Healing Ethafoam Targets are available in 2 sizes. Truck delivery for orders of 2 or more (48” dia targets only).

  • 36” dia, 22 lb
  • 48” dia, 25 lb
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