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Self-Healing Ethafoam Target

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Three times the life span of straw targets!

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This self-healing foam archery target is perfect for institutional settings where constant use is expected. Recommended for draw weights up to 50 lb, this youth archery target is designed for beginner archers.

Superior Longevity

Heat-bonded 7” Ethafoam (polyethylene) construction absorbs higher impact and mitigates the damage done to the target, resulting in better longevity downrange. Slip on target faces (sold separately) to keep the target looking fresh and clean, ready for the next volley of shots from budding archers.

Great for Beginners and Beyond

The dense foam core of these targets is able to quickly stop more powerful shots. Withstanding arrows shot form bows with draw weights up to 50 lb, these youth targets they will grow alongside your students. Arrows are easy to remove without damaging target.

Lightweight construction makes transport a breeze. 36" is 22 lb. 48" is 35 lb. Both models are 7" thick.

Truck delivery for orders of 2 or more (48” dia targets only).

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