Self-Healing Free-Standing Ethafoam Target

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Flat-bottom design eliminates the need for a stand.

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Heavy-duty targets are ready to go right out of the box, just stand them up and let the arrows fly! Self-healing foam bears the burden of heavy institutional use to provide superior longevity, while the freestanding design eliminates the need for peripheral target stands. Great for all ages and skill levels!

Lightweight, Stable Design

Don’t let the lightweight nature of these standalone targets fool you: they’re resilient and stable enough to stand up to even the best-placed shot without falling over. Weighing in at just 25 and 50 lb for 36” and 48” dia sizes, respectively, flat bottoms prevent these targets from budging as they take the impact of arrows from bows with draw weights up to 80 lb. Choose the right size for the shooting distance, nock and arrow, and let it fly with the confidence that these 12” thick targets are ready to stand strong.

Superior Longevity

Ethafoam (polypropylene) is a superior alternative to traditional straw targets. Foam won’t settle, compress, or succumb to moisture over time, which means these targets will inherently outlast lesser models. Foam also has tremendous stopping power, deadening the arrow upon penetration so the impact area is minimized and arrows don’t rip through the entire target.

Great for All Ages

Because of the density, thickness, and stability of these heavy duty targets, they’re great for all ages and proficiency levels. Students shooting from close range to develop power and accuracy will more often see their arrows hit the mark and stay put, without glancing off the side or bouncing off. Conversely, more proficient students shooting accurately and powerfully from farther away won’t need to worry about high-velocity shots going through the target.

Self-Healing Free-Standing Ethafoam Target Options

Self-Healing Free-Standing Ethafoam Targets are available in 2 sizes.

  • 36” dia, 25 lb
  • 48” dia, 50 lb
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