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Standard Hardwood Arrows with Feather Fletching


Most popular hardwood-shaft target arrow for junior high through high-school-age shooters.

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Traditional archery arrows make it easy to focus on the fundamentals. Low draw weight, true-flying trajectory, and meaningful impact teach archery at every stage, from the nock to the retrieval! High-quality materials make this a premium option for schools and recreational programs. The size and construction are ideal for intermediate students.

Perfect Balance

The lightweight wood construction of the shaft, paired with real feather fletching, creates a balanced arrow design that’s perfect developing intermediate archers. Three sizes—26”L, 28”L, and 30”L—make it possible to choose the perfect arrow length for each individual.

Premium wood offers more rigidity, lending consistency to the flight path of arrows after they’re released—this is highly desired when it comes to teaching students accuracy and aiming. Wood also keeps the draw weight of these arrows low—up to 35 lb—allowing them to be used with both recurve and composite bows.

Feather fletching complements the balance of traditional archery arrows by lowering the friction coefficient of the arrow upon release, thereby increasing velocity and, in turn, accuracy. Feather fletching also performs better in flight, lessening drag and fishtailing that can cause inconsistency across shots.

Durable and Resilient Design

With intermediate archers comes the need for durability and resilience from arrows. Where sustainability is required of archery equipment in schools, these arrows answer the call! Wood is inherently strong and forgiving of stray shots or poorly aimed releases, creating a better return on investment for schools, archery programs, and other recreational institutions.

A thicker 5/16” dia shaft also stands up to the demands of long-term use. Thicker shafts will penetrate targets and can be pulled out with relative ease, lowering the wear and tear that comes with yanking and tugging arrows out of the target upon retrieval.

Standard Hardwood Arrow with Feather Fletching Options

Standard Hardwood Arrows with Feather Fletching are available in 3 lengths. Accessories also sold separately.

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