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Self-Healing Ethafoam Target
Recycled Foam Target
Bull's-Eye Target Faces
Official NASP School Target
Self-Healing Free-Standing Ethafoam Target
HybriMat Prodigy

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Let archers of any skill level take aim in archery targets purchased from Gopher Sport!

Give students and athletes a safe archery experience using a variety of targets. Options range from self-healing foam targets to practice mats for durable, daily use in institutional settings.

When looking for targets that stand up to arrow after arrow, self-healing targets are a great option. They use heat-bonded Ethafoam to absorb the impact of arrows, great for institutional settings. Freestanding design lets teachers set up targets quickly, without the need of a stand.

Competitive archery students can train with a freestanding rolling target constructed to meet NASP specifications. Polypropylene construction is fade-proof and weather-proof, allowing target practice year-round!

Instead of replacing an entire target, teachers and coaches can save money buying replacement target faces. Available in 2 sizes and 3 materials, you can easily extend the life of your target.

Buy archery targets from Gopher and watch students increase their accuracy!