Carlton® F2 Tournament Badminton Shuttlecocks

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This birdie imitates the flight preferred by advanced badminton players of more expensive feathered shuttlecocks but with better durability.

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Designed for serious badminton players who want a responsive birdie that is lively and durable. These shuttlecocks are great for practice or tournament play. Advanced players love the medium-speed these shuttlecocks offer, keeping games controlled, yet exciting. Available in 2 skirt colors—white or yellow—both indoor and outdoor play are made possible.

Designed for Serious Players

A natural cork head creates great feel off the racquet when serving or volleying. Players will love the extra ability that cork gives to add touch and control to every shot. These medium-speed shuttles are fast enough for experienced players, but are also perfect for beginners learning to return a volley. Designed for tournament play, these shuttlecocks are a more resilient and durable alternative to feathered birdies but don't sacrifice performance.

Resilient Construction

The heavy-duty nylon skirt and natural cork tip come together to form a construction that’s ready to take any abuses the game of badminton can deliver! They'll keep their shape and performance hit after hit.

Carlton® F2 Tournament Shuttlecock Options

Carlton® F2 Tournament Shuttlecocks are available in tubes of 6 shuttlecocks in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Yellow