Carlton T800 Badminton Shuttlecocks


3 different shuttlecock speeds available to match your style of badminton play.

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The slow speed shuttlecock is great for beginners. The medium speed birdies are great for all levels of player and are the most popular. The fast speed shuttles are for players who want the quickest and most lively birdie and who love fast paced badminton.

A Variety of Speeds

The only birdies we offer with a tailored approach to speed control, Carlton® T800 Shuttlecocks make it easy to accommodate any level of play in a variety of conditions. PE teachers and coaches can buy the shuttlecock option best matches the skill of their players or their school’s climate or altitude.

  • Slow speed shuttlecocks are best when you want to slow down birdie speed for beginners, when play will be in a confined space, or if you play in hot climates or higher elevations.
  • Medium Speed shuttles are the best all-around choice for players of all skill levels and perform well in most temperatures and elevations.
  • High Speed birdies are best for stronger players looking for fast play, or when play will be in cooler climates or at elevations closer to sea level.

Durable Construction

An extremely durable PVC head offers a great combination of response and durability to stand up to all levels of play, whether big overhands or accidental mis-hits from eager players. The nylon skirt has a special coating that improves durability while also improving performance. These shuttles will last much longer than feathered birdies.

Carlton® T800 Shuttlecock Options

Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks are available in tubes of 6 in 3 speeds with and 2 different color skirt options in each speed.

  • Speeds
    • Slow
    • Medium
    • Fast
  • Colors
    • White
    • Yellow