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ClassPlus™ Racquet and Shuttle Packs

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Racquets and shuttles for your entire class, complete with compact storage!

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Complete packs sized by age groups makes it easy to pick the right pack for your class, and ensures students have properly-sized equipment! All packs feature our custom RacquetJacket™ Badminton Storage Bag that stores it all. 


This ClassPlus™ Pack makes it very easy to get a class of up to 24 serving and swinging! Open our bag that houses 24 racquets and shuttles, distribute them, and let the backswings, and aces begin! 

Durable Equipment

All packs feature durable, top-of-the-line equipment. Each pack features a different G1000™ Racquet, our durable, universal racquets, perfect for PE. Our G1000™ Jr Steel Badminton Racquets feature a shorter length, G1000™ is standard length, and Rainbow® G1000™ Twin-Shaft with a double frame is our strongest. All shuttles feature a nylon skirt and are designed to last through years of volleys.

Keep racquets and shuttles organized when not in use with our RacquetJacket™ Storage Bag. High-quality Condura® nylon is very durable and will not stretch out or tear. The bag’s shape mimics a racquet, so they fit in the bag without a struggle. Three compartments hold 24 racquets and shuttles. An adjustable carrying strap provides hands-free transport.

Eye-Popping Colors

Choose our newest Pack, filled with Rainbow®-colored equipment! The splash of color is appealing to students and also adds a new organization element to class. Create stations of badminton drills based on color— Red is a flick serving station, Orange is forehand shot station, and so on. The bright colors also make it easy to keep track of equipment.   

ClassPlus™ Racquet and Shuttle Pack Options

ClassPlus™ Racquet and Shuttle Packs are available in a 3 pack options. 



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