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ClassPlus Racquet and Shuttle Packs

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Racquets and shuttles for your entire class, complete with compact storage!

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Easily pick the right pack for your class with complete packs that include properly-sized equipment! All packs feature our custom RacquetJacket Badminton Storage Bag to store it all.

This ClassPlus Pack makes it very easy to get a class of up to 24 serving and swinging! Three age-appropriate options feature durable, top-of-the-line equipment, including 24 racquets and shuttles and our durable Condura nylon RacquetJacket storage bag. Open it up, distribute the racquets, and let the aces begin! Choose Rainbow colors for your high school students to add a splash of color and organization to your class. The vibrant racquets and shuttles also allow you to create stations and badminton drills based on color for a creative twist to game play. When the lesson is over, store it all away in included bag and have it organized and ready to go for next time!

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