ClassPlus RacqueTree Racquet Packs

Aim toward fitness with a convenient rack and enough badminton equipment for the entire class!

Get your entire class swinging quickly, choosing from 3 racquet badminton sets featuring the space saving RacqueTree Cart! Available in Elementary or High School sized equipment packs and Rainbow® options for High Schools! Sets include 48 racquets and a cart for immediate interaction for all children! Elementary/Middle School Pack includes 48 G1000 Jr Twin-Shaft Steel Racquets (24"L), and 1 RacqueTree™ Badminton Rack. Jr High/High School Packs include 48 G1000 Twin-Shaft Steel Racquets (26"L) in Standard or Rainbow® Colors, and 1 RacqueTree™ Badminton Rack.


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