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ClassPlus™ UltraNet™ Max Badminton Packs

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Take your class to the "Max" with these 4- or 6-Court options!

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Get our best and most durable portable badminton net system in convenient Packs that get the entire class into the game. We’ve thought of everything – nets, racquets, shuttles, instruction, and storage!

Maximum Durability and Performance

Our UltraNet™ Max Portable Net Systems are made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tubing that is twice as strong as others on the market. Upgraded 1-1/2” square-profile tubing features numbers and secure connection points making for quick and easy assembly – so easy, one person can put the whole thing together by him/herself! Ultra-sturdy frame bases eliminate the need for extra weight to stabilize.

Extra-tough 1-1/2 mm nets are extremely durable and feature full banding along all edges plus nylon sleeves on the end so they slide right onto the frame. A nylon-web adjustment strap on the edge of the top of the net makes it easy to adjust the net tension, and prevents saggy, droopy nets.

When class is over, or at the end of the day, the system is easy to disassemble. The frame breaks down into multiple pieces that fit neatly into the included durable nylon storage bag along with the net.

Official size system is 20’W x 61”H; 51 lb.

Unpack and Play

We put these Packs together with entire classes and programs in mind. Along with the UltraNet™ Max Systems, get high-quality racquets, shuttlecocks, floor tap for designating boundaries, a skills instruction book, and storage!

The 4-Court Basic Packs feature enough equipment for 16 players and include a RacquetJacket™ Badminton Storage Bag. Accommodate 24 players with the 6-Court Premium Packs and get our all-steel RacquetKing™ Badminton Storage Cart. Tailor-made just for badminton, the cart cradles up to 40 racquets in a laser-cut foam-lined shelf, keeping them organized and protected.

Both Packs are available in Elementary/Middle School or Jr High/High School sizes. Equipment type is the same, but varies in size and style to accommodate specific ages and abilities.

Elementary/Middle School Packs offer Gopher G1000™ Jr Steel Racquets with Braided-Nylon strings and Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks. The G1000™ Jr racquets are shorter (24”L) and lighter than a standard-size racquet so they’re easier for younger students and beginners to handle. Synthetic-base S1™ shuttles are very durable and offer increased control, perfect for those who are new to badminton.

Jr High/High School Packs have standard-size Gopher G3000™ Aluminum/Steel Racquets (26”L) with Steel-Coated strings and Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks. Racquets are built to withstand rugged play, while the cork-based shuttles offer tournament-caliber performance.

Use for Other Net Games

Use the UltraNet™ Max™ systems for more than just badminton! Simply remove 2 pieces from the frame and the net is the perfect height for tennis and pickleball.

ClassPlus™ UltraNet™ Max Badminton Pack Options

ClassPlus™ UltraNet™ Max Badminton Packs are available as 4-Court Basic Packs or 6-Court Premium Packs in 2 sizes.

4-Court Basic Packs. Include enough equipment for 16 players: 4 net systems, 16 racquets, 60 shuttlecocks, 6 rolls of black floor tape, 1 badminton book, and 1 storage bag.

  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Jr High/High School

6-Court Premium Packs. Include enough equipment for 24 players: 6 net systems, 24 racquets, 96 shuttlecocks, 8 rolls of black tape, 1 badminton book, and 1 storage cart.

  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Jr High/High School

Elementary/Middle School Packs include:
Gopher G1000™ Jr Steel Racquets, 24”L, Braided-Nylon Strings 
Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks

Junior High/High School Packs include:
Gopher G3000™ Aluminum/Steel Racquets, 26”L, Steel-Coated Strings 
Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks, 48 Ea White Skirt, Yellow Skirt, Yellow Skirt

Both Packs include:

UltraNet™ Portable Net Systems, 20’W or 14’W
Deluxe Vinyl Floor Tape, Black
RacquetJacket™ Badminton Storage Bag, Basic Packs Only
RacquetKing™ Badminton Storage Cart, Premium Packs Only
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