RallyNet™ Club Badminton Net

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Durable nylon net with taped sides and bottom for longer-lasting performance.

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The most durable non-competitive net we offer, taped sides and thick nylon will hold up to fast-paced, heavy play. Your choice of traditional white or Screamin’ Orange® colors allows invites students to approach the net without fear, to learn and excel at a variety of racquet sports.

Perfect for Recreational Play

Formatted to give students the look and feel of a competitive-style net, this net holds up to even the heaviest practice sessions to help teams build skills and ready themselves for the next big match. A thick, 2” vinyl headband clearly defines the net’s threshold, while taped sides and bottom make visualizing shot placement easy, no matter the angle. 18-ply nylon, ¾” mesh netting will hold up to fast-paced play with superior strength over time.

Inviting Colors

The option for a traditional white net border clearly defines the net, without distracting players. Or, choose a Screamin’ Orange® border stands out vibrantly to help beginners get a better feel for net dimensions and invite them to jump right into the action. Both options will provide excellent visibility against the backdrop of gym walls and a hardwood floor.

RallyNet™ Club Badminton Net Options

RallyNet™ Club Badminton Nets are available individually in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Screamin’ Orange®