Gopher G1000™ Steel Badminton Racquets

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A great introductory racquet, with durable all-steel construction.

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Control and quickness lend themselves to players via a synthetic leather grip and lightweight, tempered steel body. The larger 26” frame and oval head design makes connecting with shuttlecocks easy, giving beginner players the confidence they need to develop sound fundamentals and progress to more skilled play. Extreme durability, quality construction, and a budget-friendly price point makes these racquets our most popular and economical choice!


  • 26”L Frame
  • Tempered-Steel Construction
  • Braided-Nylon or Coated-Steel String Options
  • 4.2 or 4.8 oz

Designed for Controlled Quickness

The lightweight feel and swiftness afforded by this racquet make it a favorite of those learning the fundamentals of badminton. Students can quickly slice through the air thanks to a featherweight tempered steel construction, with a synthetic leather grip that supports even the quickest movements without loss of control. 4.2 and 4.8 oz options give students accommodating weights for comfortable play. A choice of multifilament braided nylon strings or coated steel options lends durability and added response to racquets without weighing them down.

Great for Beginners

A large oval face allows more room for error for beginners as they learn the basics of tracking and playing a shuttlecock while it’s in the air. The lightness of the racquet allows students to put more power behind every swing, yielding better hits that will lend confidence to players. Quality, tempered steel construction will also keep racquets in great shape over time, giving an inviting appeal to class after class that encourages them to dive right into the sport! Ideal for students 11 and older.

Gopher G1000™ Steel Badminton Racquet Options

Gopher G1000™ Steel Badminton Racquets are available in two string options.

  • Braided-Nylon Strings, 4.2 oz
  • Coated-Steel Strings, 4.8 oz
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