QuickStart® Portable Net Systems

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Lightweight, portable nets set up in minutes!

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Quickly set up for any net sport your class is currently practicing and tailor play to the needs of your students with QuickStart® Portable Net Systems! Two sizes allow teachers to utilize space appropriately, while the convenience of these nets makes diving right into the action possible; no lengthy setup times required. Durable construction stands up to heavy institutional use, no matter the sport or skill level.

Quick Setup

With steel posts already assembled, all you need to do to get your students playing is slide the net in place to the level you need it at—it takes only seconds and there’s no need for tools! Mini-NetÔ and Maxi-NetÔ options are light enough to pick up and set down quickly, while the Roll-A-NetÔ option offers 5 swivel castors that ensure swift and smooth transport.

Tailored Play

Made with a variety of games in mind, you can quickly go from high to low net positions with a simple re-adjustment of the net and quick removal of 2 pipes. Nets go up to a full 52”H for badminton and volleyball, and quickly drop to floor level for tennis and pickle ball. The Mini-NetÔ is ideal for more confined spaces and younger students, while Maxi-NetÔ and Roll-A-NetÔ options give students a full-sized gameplay experience.

Durable Construction

Strong, oval-shaped pipes offer exceptional durability to QuickStart® Portable Net Systems, enduring the constant wear and tear that comes with picking them up, setting them down, and changing net heights. Tension adjustments on the net itself keep it taut to mitigate the strain of sagging. These nets are an economical option, designed to withstand heavy institutional play.

QuickStart® Portable Net System Options

QuickStart® Portable Net Systems are available in 3 varieties.

  • Mini-Net™, 10’W x 52”H; 15 lb
  • Maxi-Net™, 18’W x 52”H; 21 lb
  • Roll-A-Net™, 18’W x 52”H; 52 lb