Gopher Rainbow G1000 Steel Badminton Racquets

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Color-coordinate your courts with our most popular badminton racquet, in Rainbow® colors!

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Quickly organize teams and help students hone specific skills or practice particular drills—it’s easy with 6 different Rainbow® colors. Tempered-steel provides toughness and longevity to racquets, while an oval head design helps to accommodate more hits, to better a student’s play. Braided-nylon and coated-steel string options allow you to tailor racquet performance to fit the needs of your class.


  • 26”L Frame
  • Tempered-Steel Construction
  • Braided-Nylon or Coated-Steel String Options
  • 4.2 or 4.8 oz

Color Coordination

Rainbow® colors make it instantly possible for teachers to organize and coordinate classes, whether for individual drills, partner play, or team activities. Use colors to specify skill building stations—blue for accuracy challenges, red for serving practice, and so on—or combine students by racquet color to create volleying exercises. Colors are instantly recognizable and can help teachers detect areas of improvement needed for students or assist students in associating colors with skills quickly.

Balanced Racquet Performance

Skills are quickly developed and improved upon thanks to the finesse these racquets offer. A full-length 26”L frame allows for extended handling capabilities for students ages 11 and up, while an oval head creates a larger surface to play shuttlecocks. The synthetic-leather grip makes even swift movements controlled and precise. A choice of braided-nylon or coated-steel strings provide additional responsiveness and durability.

Rainbow® G1000™ Steel Badminton Racquet Options

Rainbow® G1000™ Steel Badminton Racquets are available in two string options.

  • Braided-nylon strings, 4.2 oz
  • Coated-steel strings, 4.8 oz
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