Recreational Badminton Sets

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Just add standards and you are ready to play!

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Recreational sets are an economical option for playing badminton! Packs feature nets, racquets, and shuttles, so all you need to add is standards! Use the equipment indoors or out, for PE, tournaments, or recreational games.

Tailored Packs

It’s easy to choose the right pack based on the size of your play area or tournament. Proportional quantities provide a no-guess option; 4-Court Packs include 16 racquets, 4 nets, and 36 shuttles while 6-Court Packs include 24 racquets, 6 nets, and 72 shuttles. Say goodbye to hunting down racquets for everyone or being short on shuttles!

Premium Equipment

Gopher’s most popular racquet, G1000™, includes a steel frame and coated-steel strings to stand up to hit after hit. A padded handle is comfortable on hands and provides a secure grip. S1™ Recreational Shuttles have a nylon skirt and are designed for medium speed. White and yellow shuttles make it easy to designate courts or allow players to choose their preference. Nets easily tie on to your existing standards and are standard size (21” x 30”). Heavy-gauge braded rope with a reinforced vinyl headband will last for years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Recreational Badminton Set Options

Recreational Badminton Sets are available in 2 court/player sets.

  • 4-Court 16-Player Set. Includes 16 racquets, 4 nets, 36 shuttles.
  • 6-Court 24-Player Set. Includes 24 racquets, 6 nets, 72 shuttles.

Both Packs Include: