Speedminton Sets

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This high-speed racquet game requires no court or net!

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Combining three major racquet sports—tennis, badminton, and racquetball—Speedminton is a fast-paced game that can be played on grass or pavement, indoors or outdoors! Students will love the thrill of the game and hardly notice their full-body workout until they're panting after a lively game. Quick to set up and even quicker to learn, Speedminton is sure to be a class favorite.

Play Anywhere

Our Speedminton Sets ensure you have highly durable equipment to match the play-anywhere nature of the game. Ultra light aluminum racquets offer great handling and superior durability; plastic cones easily stand up to abuse on any surface; and shuttles take hit after hit without succumbing to wear.

Fast-Paced Fun

Whether on the attack and sending back swift returns, students will move quickly about the playing area for a stratospheric heart rate and full-body cardio workout. Students will work all the muscle groups, burn calories, and improve endurance and hand-eye coordination all while having a blast!

Easy to Learn and Play

Easy to learn and play for all age groups, this go-anywhere game is a combination of elements from tennis, badminton, and racquetball. Anyone can pick up and play, yet mastering its nuances will be a fun journey for students as they become more comfortable with the various skills and strategies involved.

Set Options

  • 10-Player Beginner Set. Includes:
    • Fun Racquets, 10 Ea
    • Heli Speeders, 10 Ea
  • 20-Player Beginner Set. Includes:
    • Fun Racquets, 20 Ea
    • Heli Speeders, 20 Ea
  • 10-Player Intermediate Set. Includes:
    • School Racquets, 10 Ea
    • Speeders, Set of 30 (10 Ea Match, Fun, Heli)
    • Boundary Markers, 40 Ea
  • 20-Player Intermediate Set. Includes:
    • School Racquets, 20 Ea
    • Speeders, Set of 60 (20 Ea Match, Fun, Heli)
    • Boundary Markers, 80 Ea