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High-speed racquet game requires no court or net!

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Speedminton® combines 3 major racquet sports—tennis, badminton, and racquetball—into 1 fast-paced game that can be played on grass or pavement, indoors or outdoors! There’s no net required to play and your students will love the thrill this game offers—not to mention the full-body workout and development of dexterity, had/eye coordination, and control. Quick to set up and even quicker to learn, this game is sure to become a class favorite.

Play Anywhere

Using only racquets, shuttles, and cones, Speedminton® is a game that can be played virtually anywhere, as long as you have about half a tennis court of space available. Because of the simple nature of the game’s layout, it’s easy to quickly jump right into a match! The durable nature of the equipment also ensures that no matter where you’re playing, everything included within the set will perform admirably. Ultra light aluminum racquets offer great handling and superior durability; plastic cones easily stand up to abuse on any surface; and shuttles take hit after hit without succumbing to wear, no matter where they land.

Fast-Paced Exercise

As the name implies, Speedminton® is designed to keep students moving at all times. Whether they’re on the attack and sending swift shots at their opponent or they’re playing defense, moving quickly about the playing area, students will need to be fast on their feet to come away victorious. Because this game offers so much excitement it’s easy for students to immerse themselves, not even realizing the up-tempo nature of the game is actually a full-body cardio workout!

Easy to Learn and Play

Learning the basics of the game is easy; mastering them will be a fun journey for students as they become more comfortable with the dynamics of the game and the various skills and strategies needed to best their opponents. Those familiar with badminton, tennis, or racquetball will quickly draw parallels that help them master this derivative game, while also building on the skills of all other racquet sports.

Speeder™ shuttles come in 3 styles to accommodate environmental conditions and player levels for a balanced game that virtually any student can enjoy. The Fun Speeder is for novice and younger players who prefer a more controlled play at shorter distances. Match Speeders are the official competition option, made for high-level play. Heli Speeders are ideal in windy conditions and still display outstanding flight characteristics, as if you were playing on a calm day.

Speedminton® Set Options

Speedminton® Sets are available in 2 sets with 2 quantities. Additional equipment sold separately.

Beginner Sets

  • 10-Player Set
  • 20-Player Set

Intermediate Sets

  • 10-Player Set
  • 20-Player Set

Additional Equipment

  • School Racquet, Red
  • School Racquet, Blue
  • Fun Racquet
  • Set of 12 Fun/12 Match Speeders™
  • Tube of Heli Speeders™
  • Easy Court Pro