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SportSkillz™ Badminton Training Station Packs

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Unique packs with instruction and equipment are designed to properly introduce students to the key skills of badminton!

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This training solution gives you everything needed to introduce and teach the game of badminton! No research and little prep is required!

Badminton Training Made Easy

A circuit-style training pack that provides all the equipment and instruction to quickly set up 12 stations! Self-directed stations allow teachers to spend little to no time demonstrating each skill and more time providing individual guidance as partners or small groups work their way through each station. Two pack options let teachers choose the one that best suits the age and ability of their class–Elementary/Middle School or Jr High/High School.

Expert Instruction Made to Last

Each Station Board features an individual badminton skill that requires equipment included in the pack. Boards feature large, full-color Start and Stop photos to demonstrate proper form and technique, which corresponds with clear and concise instruction. A tip on each board provides additional guidance to students. Students will work on under hand serves, overhead drop shot, volleying, and more—all without the need for an instructor!

18” x 18” Boards are easy to see and made of incredibly durable, reinforced 1/8” thick plastic that won’t tear or fray. Bend these boards and they won’t crease! They are also designed to sit securely on the included Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones at an angle so they are easy to view at each station, even as the skill is performed. When training is done, cones stack for easy transport and compact storage.

Included Teacher Cards feature include the same step-by-step information with photos, but provide additional detailed information on setup, implementation, and instruction. Their compact design (4”W x 6”L) makes it easy to carry them out to the field or from room to room. Laminated and secured with a heavy-duty plastic grommet for protection and easy flipping.

Premium, Corresponding Equipment

All the premium equipment included is used for the 12 stations and designed for use with multiple classes routinely. Our durable G1000™ Racquets feature a steel frame and our S1™ Shuttles are the most durable we offer. Racquets and shuttles store in our convenient bag, designed just for them!

Teaching younger elementary students, or do you have a badminton unit approaching with your high schoolers? No problem! We created two packs with the same equipment, but in sizes to match your age group. Elementary/Junior High features our G1000™ Jr Racquets and the Jr High/High School includes the regular G1000™ which is 2” longer.

SportSkillz™ Baseball/Softball Training Station Packs Options

SportSkillz™ Baseball/Softball Training Station Packs are available in Elementary/Middle School or Jr High/High School Packs. Station Boards/Teacher Cards are also sold separately.