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UltraNet™ 4-Way Badminton Packs

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Quadruple the badminton fun with a 4-way net system and twice the number of players!

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Turn 1 court into 4 with the no-frills UltraNet™ 4-Way Adapter! It instantly allows 4 teams to compete against each other in action-packed badminton games—no tools or additional bulky equipment required! 

4x the Fun

Our UltraNet™ 4-Way Adapter sits in the middle of the gym and allows you to connect 4 individual nets to transform 1 large badminton court into 4! Play singles with 4 players or double the fun and challenge with doubles teams!  Sticking closely to the scoring rules of traditional badminton, students may serve, volley, and attack in any court, keeping everyone on their toes at all times. Up the action by adding a second shuttle into play, by rotating courts after each volley, or creating unique point options. Included activity instructions detail how to play the primary game, plus 4 other unique activities to add even more action and variety.

Simple Design

The Adapter’s simplistic design makes it easy to attach individual UltraNet™ Net Systems. Quickly put the Net’s post into the Adapter’s post, and you’re ready to play—there’s no need for tools or disassembly of each net. Made of durable steel, it stays in place when in use. It’s also powder coated red to match the nets and to keep it looking like new for years. A rubber pad on the bottom protects floors from scratches.

Complete Packs

Don’t have individual UltraNet™ Systems? Missing racquets from last year’s unit? No problem! Our all-inclusive packs include everything needed for 4 action-packed games! Two pack sizes allow you to tailor the pack to your classes—racquet size determines each pack. All equipment is designed for routine use so there’s no worry of failing racquets or nets during play. We’ve also included floor tape to designate boundary lines and our unique activity instructions.

UltraNet™ 4-Way Badminton Pack Options

UltraNet™ 4-Way Badminton Packs are available in 2 sizes. 4-Way Adapter also sold separately.


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