AnyPlace™ Rubber Bases

Lightweight and all purpose, use any place you need a base!


Need a set of versatile bases for your P.E. program? These entry-level bases can be used indoors or out, for baseball, relays, and more! Their virgin rubber resists tearing, and features beveled edges to keep runners safe at all times. Each set includes a home plat, three bases, and a pitcher’s mound.

All-Purpose Bases

Designed for far more than baseball, these bases can also be used for kickball, target-style games, and many other games, making them a great addition to your Physical Education closet. Their design enables them to be used indoors or out, as they are able to withstand even the roughest surfaces. Therefore, you can take these bases along with you anywhere you go to set up a quick game!

Simple Design

All of these durable bases are extremely light and thin, allowing them to stay closer to the ground or floor. This, combined with their beveled edges, makes them safe for students as they are running and stepping on the bases, as there’s less of a chance they’ll trip over them. Their light weight also makes it easy to transport the bases to and from storage.

The bases are made with a virgin rubber, allowing them to stand up to long periods of institutional use. The rubber prevents them from tearing, and will not become brittle or hard even if left out in the elements.

AnyPlace™ Rubber Base Options

AnyPlace™ Rubber Bases are available in sets of 5, in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Orange
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