Bat Tape

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Premium bat grip tape features a cushioned backing to absorb shock and a tacky surface to improve control.

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Using batting tape aids in blister prevention and sweat absorption. It is made for all-wood and aluminum baseball and softball bats. One roll is recommended for use for each bat.

User Friendly

This bat tape has been designed to reduce shock and vibration during batting practice and games by adding cushioning to your bat. It also provides the hitter with a better grip, which leads to a better swing and an overall safer environment. Use it to replace worn or damaged tape, or to wrap a bat that does not already have tape.

A Cleaner Alternative

Keep everything cleaner by opting for bat tape instead of pine tar, which can get on other equipment, uniforms, skin—anything in sight. You’ll still get the more secure grip you need without the mess!

Very Versatile

Bat tape doesn’t just have to be used on bats—it is also a great option for other sport sticks, such as tennis racquets and hockey sticks. Keep in mind it is specially designed for baseball bats, though, so that is where you will get the best results.

Bat Tape is available in black, measuring 44”L x 1”W.