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Gopher Black Diamond Leather/Synthetic Gloves

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Quality glove is exceedingly flexible and easy to break-in!

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A genuine leather palm and lightweight nylon backing provide exceptional flexibility and durability while making this glove easier to break in. It features premium palm padding for comfort and a deep well pocket for easy fielding.

Versatility & Quality

This youth baseball glove’s leather/synthetic construction allows it to stand up to official play, but it is still a great option for younger students who are learning the game. The sizes ranging from 11” to 14” make it a great choice for all students in baseball or softball.

The glove is made with a leather palm and laces, which gives it a combination of durability and an official feel and playability. The combination of leather and synthetic material allows the glove to be broken in faster than all-leather gloves. All gloves come with a traditional open-back design and an H-web, allowing for quick transfer of the ball from the glove to the hand. This is the highest-level Gopher glove we offer.

Variety of Colors

All-black design gives the glove an official, high-level glove feel, while Screamin’ Orange makes the glove easy to find in the grass and helps students focus on throwing targets. The Rainbow Sets make the gloves excellent for drills and class organization—it's easy to pair these with other Rainbow products too!

Gopher Black Diamond Leather/Synthetic Glove Options

Gopher Black Diamond Leather/Synthetic Gloves are available Individually in Black in 6 sizes, in Individual Screamin' Orange in 2 sizes, or in Rainbow Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.

  • Individual Black (Left or Right Throw)
  • Individual Screamin’ Orange® (Left or Right Throw)
  • Rainbow® Sets (Right Throw)
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