Bownet Pitching Screens

Portable practice net with ultimate protection for pitchers and coaches!

This specialized practice net is an ideal piece of equipment for travel teams and squads looking for a portable protective system. It features a triangular frame and composite BOW-poles that cater to both right- and left-handed pitchers. The wide-framed base and premium nylon netting is engineered to stop hard hit line drives with ease while maintaining balance and stability. Its netting is constructed with EAS™ technology which diffuses ball energy upon impact for a flexible and durable performance.

This lightweight net is a great alternative to the traditional L-screen for batting practice because of the added protection and coverage as well its maneuverability. This practice screen net requires no tools for a 90 second setup and includes a carrying bag for easy portability and storage features.

Choose between the Regular Pitching Screen and the Pitching Screen Pro to suit the needs of your specific team. The Regular version is 7'W x 7'H and weighs 15 lb. The Pro version is slightly larger at 8'W x 8'H and 25 lb, and features heavier professional grade netting for stronger and more experienced players.


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